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Kinetic Fishing Rods

All Kinetic rods are highly specialized for Scandinavian fishing. That’s why it takes a lot of field testing to make a Kinetic rod.
Fishing in all kinds of weather and temperatures is the challenge most Scandinavian anglers faces. Here at Kinetic we keep this in mind whenever we start developing a new rod. Choosing the very best fittings within each price level is easy. Finding the very best suppliers of carbon fibers and resins is a more demanding but still possible task. The real trouble starts when it comes to adding it all together. Getting the right action, feeling, strength and casting abilities is a matter of exact adjustments to create a precision tapered blank that performs at its best with the chosen fittings. This process takes a lot of field testing, a few adjustments and then back to field testing again… We don’t stop until it performs exactly as we think a Scandinavian rod is supposed to perform.
The Kinetic range offers anything from entry level to state of the art fishing rods. Regardless of your choice of level, you can be sure of a quality unsurpassed by any competitors.

The very best carbon manufacturer!
Toray is the leading Japanese manufacturer of high performance carbon. We have been using ´TORAY´ carbon for many years in several of our rods, but as ´TORAY´ continues being a benchmark of the industry and an even stronger brand to the consumers, we will start branding the fact that many of our rods are made with carbon from the very best manufacturer!


Godspeed G2 Spin 2 Sec.: FR19700 - FR19100

Godspeed G2 Spin 3 Sec.: FR19009 - FR19011

Godspeed Power Cast: FR13700 - FR13110

Godspeed G2 Ultralght Spin: FR43110 - FR43140

Godspeed G2 Jigging: FR43666

Godspeed G2 Jigging Trigger: FR43103 - FR43123

Godspeed G2 UL: FR42560

Godspeed G2 Jerk: FR45600

Godspeed G2 Boat: FR44120 - FR44300

Godspeed G2 Trolling: FR47860 -FR47900

Godspeed G2 Inline: FR48860 - FR48900


Waterspeed Trawel Kit Mini Spin: FR38160

Waterspeed G2 Spin & Tica Spinfocus GU: CM72007 - CM72010

Waterspeed G2 Spin & Tica Cambria LY: CM70700 - 70900

Waterspeed G2 Spin & Tica  Cambria LY: CM71700 - CM71111

Waterspeed G2 Spin UL & Cetus LE500: CM74400 - CM74401

Waterspeed G2 Light Spin & Tica Cambria LY: CM72860 - CM72960

Waterspeed G2 Tele & Tica Cambria LY: CM73700 - CM73900

Waterspeed G2 Boat & Tica SP348R: CM74200 - CM74302

Waterspeed Fly Combo: KI19395 - KI19397


Epoxy Spin: FR62500 - FR62100 

Angelfish Epoxy Boat: FR61600 - FR61700

Anglefish Epoxy Trolling: FR60700 - FR60801

Angelfish Spin: FR51700 - FR51900


Devilfish  Carbon Boat: KI91600 - KI91700 

Devolfish Spin UL: KI31640 - KI31650

Devilfish Spin: KI32070 - KI32100

Devilfish Tele: KI31270 - KI31280

Devilfish Boat: KI31460 - KI31470

Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw Starfire Downrigger: SF400-7'6 - SF403-10