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News 2010

Flat Matt
– killer jig for halibut

It doesn’t come more realistic and life-like than these seafishing jigs

As we all know big fish eats smaller fish. When a huge halibut settles down in a shallow, sandy area some of the plaice, flounders, and dabs have to watch their backs. If not, they can pretty sure to get chewed up.
Flatt Matt has a swimming action that imitates a smaller plaice, flounder or dab panicking when they realize there’s a far bigger fish looking from below…
The design of this lure will make it possible to fish close to the bottom without getting snagged in seaweed. It will also sort out the smaller fish and make you target the biggest halibuts down there.
Flat Matt comes in realistic or psyched up colors, which will turn on any big halibut, cod etc. All are made with premium quality, chemically sharpened sea fishing hooks, durable painting and active eyes.

• 400 g / 245 mm    • 5 colors    • Authentic fishlook and swimming action – as close as it gets
• Active eyes    • Durable painting    • Ultra sharp and strong sea fishing hook    • Extra body in package

Flat Matt will be available in 2011. Since it contains lead it is not sold in Denmark. 

Flyfishing for pike – what a debut

We have just received a report from our Test team member Mikael Särelin, Finland. From what “Mikey” writes it seems like the pike fly fishing in his local brackish water estuaries is hot right now:
“Last weekend I went floattubing for pike with my friend Erkki. Erkki is a hardcore flyfisherman but has no prior experience of flyfishing for pike, so I figured it was time to do something about it. I invited him over and we spent the weekend fishing. We had a great time and Erkki caught his first ever pike on the fly. Better yet, we hooked two large specimens simultaneously. While Erkki's pike weighed in on respectable
10,9 kilos, mine measured 7,3 kilos. We caught both pike on my home-tied Slinky Fibre flies. Erkki was using a RIO Scandinavian Pike WF10F/S2 line and I was fishing a Rio Outbound short WF9F/I line together with my Hardy Zane rod and reel”.

10.9 kilos! Erkki was flyfishing for pike for the first                            Mikey showing a nice 7.3 kilo pike.
but probably not last time.                                                                   
It took the fly simultaneously with the big one Erkki caught.

Floattubing for big pike

In Finland the pike catches picked up in the beginning of May. According to our new test-team member Mikael Sarelin floattubing for big pike is high class entertainment - especially on days like the one he experienced in the beginning of the month:
“Together with a friend I went floattubing in the evening and we had some great fishing. My friend caught two 5 kg fish whereas I managed to catch pikes weighing 7,8 kg and 10,8 kg, plus some smaller fish. On top of that we had some real monsters (120 cm +) chasing our flies, but this time they outsmarted us,” says Mikael.
Mikael was fishing with his Hardy Zane rod & reel using a #9 Rio Outbound Floating/intermediate line and a homemade Craft Fur Deceiver.
On the big outdoor fair held I Riihimäki in Finland June 10th to June 13th Mikael will be making 3 daily shows on floattube flyfishing for pike, explaining all the tackle and techniques needed to catch the big ones.

If you have the chance to visit – don’t miss it…

New Scandinavian distributer of Eagle Claw hooks

Fairpoint Outdoors A/S is proud to announce that they are the new Scandinavian distributor of the world famous Eagle Claw hooks as well as several other hot brands owned by the US company Wright & Mcgill Co.
Thomas Eldor Petersen, marketing and development director in Fairpoint Outdoors is looking forward to the future cooperation:
“We are already distributing strong brands like Kinetic, Viva, Westin, Hardy, Rio, Fishpond and several others in all of Scandinavia. The Products and brands from Wright & Mcgill Co. fits perfect into this set up. Eagle Claw is of course known and trusted worldwide for their quality hooks made with care and attention to every aspect of hook production. One of the latest inventions is the brand TroKar® offering high end hooks that are extremely sharp. These are simply the best hooks I have
seen in my years in the business and we have high expectations for TroKar hooks in the future.
Nitro® Bait is another exiting brand. Several years ago they teamed up with the fish farm industry in California to use their knowledge on fish feeding behavior. A constant attention on development has resulted in unique bait & scent products that are second to none. A few of them are already known and appreciated by Scandinavian fishermen, but it is our job to spread the knowledge of these world class products in all of Scandinavia.”

Statement from international
sales manager Brigitte Carlson –                           Marketing and development director Thomas Eldor Petersen
Eagle Claw.                                                               Fairpoint Outdoors A/S showing a nice 12 kilo pike.


Videos – TroKar hooks:

Tromsø Halibuts + World Record from Iceland
This summer Kinetic test team member Jakob Lindberg took his boat to Norway in pursuit of monster halibut – and what a trip. During 11 days of fishing Jakob and his friends caught 35 Halibuts. What makes this number impressive is the average weight of those fish. Only 3 halibuts had a weight below 23 kilo and 8 of them were above 50 Kilos with the five biggest weighing 70, 75, 75, 95 and 104 kilos! Jakob caught 23 fish out of the total catch, but the biggest one - measuring 195 cm - was caught by Reinhold Meyer.

Capture: Reinhold Meyer, junior (to the left) caught this 104 kilo halibut near Tromsø.
To lift it he was assisted by his father Reinhold Meyer, senior.
Photo: Jakob Lindberg

To handle and weigh those big fish Jakob used a big catfish weigh sling and a 200 kg scale before releasing them unharmed.
If anyone had mentioned a catch of Atlantic halibut like this just a few years ago, they would have been considered as total nutcases, but these years the catches and the knowledge of those big flat predators just seem to reach new levels. Right now there’s a lot of focus on the halibut fishing in Norway, and a lot of big fish have been caught on Giant Jighead, but actually the latest breaking news is from Iceland:
August 5th a new record halibut was caught by German angler Günther Hensel travelling to Iceland with the agency “Kingfisher Reisen”. Günther was using a Giant Jighead to catch the monster.
Right now we are trying to get a permission to use a photo of the fish for the different Medias and for our website. Photos and further details on this fantastic catch and the destination can be found in German language on the website of Kingfisher Reisen:

Magic Minnow Red Ed – realistic and life-like 

One of many exiting new products in 2011 is a Magic Minnow seafishing jig imitating a redfish. We are pretty proud, because it doesn’t come more realistic and life-like than these seafishing jigs!
Scientific reports reveal that in many areas redfish (Sebastes marinus) is the main food source for Atlantic halibut. In example scientific research on the stomach content of Atlantic halibut from the important Icelandic fishing grounds in the North Atlantic showed that 75 % of the food by volume was redfish*. The adult redfish is abundant in deep water from 100-1000 m while smaller juveniles are found in Fjords, bays and inshore waters. For fishing in deep water this is the ultimate seafishing jig for halibut. And you can be sure that even when the big halibuts move into very shallow water they will remember and appreciate their favorite snack.
An important part of our development took place at a sea fishing camps in Norway. The results and inputs from our cooperation with Nordic Sea Anglings camps suggest that this is not just a lure – it should be considered as an important part of the food chain!
Red Ed comes in 5 realistic or psyched up colors that will turn on any big halibut, cod etc. It is designed with a unique, interchangeable hook and weight system to slide inside spare bodies. Choose between 2 sizes – 295 g or 395 g including a spare body. All Red Ed jigs are made with premium quality, chemically sharpened sea fishing hooks, durable painting and active eyes.
*McIntyre, A. D. (1953). The food of halibut from North Atlantic fishing grounds.
Marine research, Scotland 1952(3), 1-20.

     Rose Fish                  Fancy Cola Cacao               Crocodile               Shoeshine Herring              Blue Glamour


Lots of big seatrouts

For the last week seatrout fishing here in Denmark has been absolutely crazy. It’s like everyone have seen, heard of or caught big seatrout’s. Here are some of the reports:

Low water success

We all know how changes in weather conditions or water levels can sometimes affect fishing to the worse or the better. Last Monday the water level was extremely low at Nordkysten –– the Danish name of the long coast line found just west of Hamlets old castle Kronborg in Helsingore. Jesper Dahlgren was flyfishing together with a friend at some of their favorite spots and exactly this day the low water was the key to success. The two of them were able to wade and cast in areas that can’t be reached in normal water levels, and after catching several smaller fish Jesper hooked into a big one. This proved to be his largest trout ever. A 72 cm long and 4.5 kilo heavy beauty caught on a home tied STF Kutling – a goby imitation.

Jesper Dahlgren was rewarded with this
fly caught 4.5 kilo trout.


Catch and release

Klaus Nordmann and Jacob Rønnov are close friends of our test team member Frederik Hansen.
The two of them were flyfishing in the inner part of Isefjorden – a large fjord in the eastern part of Denmark – and it only took five casts before Klaus hooked into a huge fish. After a couple of solid runs a large back and a huge tail broke the surface. At this point Klaus was convinced that this fish could be a new “personal best”. After 15 minutes Jacob was ready to assist with the landing net and the two of them managed to land a beast of a male trout in pale autumn colors. It was obvious that this was a pre-spawn fish ready to enter one of the smaller nearby streams. The two of them decided to weigh the fish in the net and release it after a few photos.
Everything went as intended and Klaus could wave goodbye to a 6.4 kilo personal best seatrout.
Klaus was using the popular Danish seatrout fly “Pattegrisen” (the Pig). He also did an – in our opinion – excellent choice of kinetic tackle, jacket and waders. The most important choice of tackle in this case was his landing net. A solid landing net like the Kinetic Waterspeed Coast Net has a floating wooden frame and a very large, small-meshed net bag that will do no harm to the fins of the fish. This makes it possible to catch, weigh and release even the biggest trout’s without any harm.
Klaus Nordmann showing a beautiful 6.4 kilo flycaught
autumn trout. His biggest ever.

In many cases a large landing net will shorten the fight and give you better odds in trying to land a big fish. If you want to release your catch it is important to use a net with a small-meshed net bag that does no harm to the fish and its fins. 

Catching the right fish

A cell-phone shot of Peter Rasmussen with his new personal best seatrout from the Danish shores – 6.7 kilo.

We knew he had something big in the boot of his car when Peter Rasmussen called our marketing coordinator in the evening to borrow a scale. He wanted to determine the exact weight of a fish that might be a new personal best. In the spring he caught a 6.5 kilo trout caught on a “Sølvpil”, so this new catch had to be something special… And yes, at 6.7 kilo this was a new PB.
Peter and his friend Thomas had been fishing for several hours in an area steaming with fish. It seemed like a large amount of fish were gathered in this area and during the day both smaller and bigger fish were jumping all over. The only problem was that none of them were biting. In the dusk Peter tried a small copy of a genius Danish inline lure designed by a private lure designer a couple of years ago. After several casts the water behind the lure suddenly looked like if a torpedo was trying to catch up with it. Seconds later a large seatrout had engulfed the lure and was headshaking in the surface. It took a while but Peter finally succeeded in landing the impressive male trout. The hook was in the gills so Peter decided to bring the fish home. On a day with only one fish you could definitely say that Peter caught the right fish. We are of course sorry that it wasn’t caught on one of our lures, but on the other hand we are always looking for new lures and deals with hobby lure designers. Most of these private designed lures are tested for thousands of hours and perfected by making small adjustments and catching lots of fish. If we are able to get a license to produce the original lure we will let you know.

Gone Fishing

Jan Jensen from Fredericia in Denmark knows how to catch big fish in his area. This spring he did one of the most remarkable catches from the Danish coast line this year – a 10.7 kg salmon caught on a Magic Minnow Sølvpil (silver arrow). Lately he’s been working a lot, but last weekend Jan and his friend Thomas Krogh Andersen decided to participate in “Seatrout Open” – a competition held by the Danish shop Go Fishing. For a long time Jan was in the lead with a 3.55 kg trout caught on the already legendary Magic Minnow in-line lure Sømmet (the Nail). In the end he was beaten with a narrow margin of 200 g by two other catches. The biggest of these was a 3.75 kg fish caught on a fly.

Jan Jensen showing his 10.7 kilo salmon caught in the beginning of May this year on a Magic Minnow Sølvpil (Sliverarrow) in the “Sinking Wedding” color.

Jan Jensen used Magic Minnow Sømmet for this
Seatrout Open third place trout.

Ole Jørgensen Design & Boss lures
New cooperation with tackle designer Ole Jørgensen
Kinetic / Fairpoint Outdoors are proud to announce the cooperation with tackle designer Ole Jørgensen, based in Bogense, Denmark. The company has signed a deal with Ole and will start distributing his famed seatrout lure Boss in all of Scandinavia within the next couple of weeks. Luxury equipment like nets, gaffs and wading staffs will follow and be part of the 2011 product range.
Ole started producing tackle back in 1986, as the Boss lure was intended to be part of a graduation project. In many anglers opinion this lure scored an A+ and has been a favorite ever since.
Later on – in 1990 – he started designing and producing luxury tools like gaffs, nets etc. They soon became popular and as with everything Ole produces they were considered as “state of the art” tools since the beginning.
Ole is looking forward to the cooperation with Fairpoint Outdoors – the company distributing brands like Kinetic, Rio, Hardy etc. in all of Scandinavia: “So far my products are only known to a very small proportion of the Scandinavian marked. With a wider distribution I hope they will be just as valued and appreciated in the rest of Scandinavia”.
The Boss is back
Boss has proved its worth by catching seatrout’s up to 9.5 kilo from the shore in southern Scandinavia as well as several lake trouts in the northern parts of Scandinavia. The colors are a mix of all time favorites and some new hot trout colors. Actually white lures have been very popular for many years and on the famous Danish seatrout island Fyn you will have a hard time finding a sea trout angler without a lot of white lures in his box. Boss is the lure that started this trend with the pearl white “Winter” color. We are proud to introduce a proven killer like the Boss in all of Scandinavia.

• 3 models: 8, 12 and 16 g / 60 mm    • 8 colors    • Lead free    • Material: Brass    • Hook: VMC 9649 BN    • Hook size: # 4

Synchronized attacks and excellent sea trout fishing
In the middle of September the sea trout season in southern Sweden and the Swedish part of Oresund ends. During the last weeks of the season product developer at Kinetic – Elias Narvelo – had some a couple excellent trips.
His first trip was an evening trip to the Oresund coast together with Alexander Wiklund. They were both using the “Sømmet” in-line lure in the colors “Sinking Wedding” and “Mad Tobis”. At one point their lures hit the water at the exact same time and it seemed like two larger trouts had synchronized their attacks, because both Elias and Alexander were yelling: “Fish on!” at the same time. The biggest of the trout’s was lost soon after, but Alexander managed to land his fish. In total the two of them had 4 trout’s up to 2.6 and 2.7 kilos.

Alexander Wiklund showing a 2.7 kilo beauty caught
on a “Sømmet” Magic Minnow lure.

A week later, Elias went trout hunting again. And once again he used “Sømmet” to nail a
beautiful trout weighing 3.3 kilo.

Huge sea bass on Magic Minnow Lure
In both Denmark and Norway September is one of the best months for targeting big sea bass. In Denmark the fishing takes place near the piers and smaller reefs on the west coast and usually calm eastern winds offers the best conditions.
In the beginning of this month the conditions were finally perfect and Danish sea bass expert Erik Simonsen from the shop Grej Online as well as several of his friends have been fishing like crazy, trying to catch a big one.
One of the best lures for big Danish sea bass is Magic Minnow, Brøndum, 27 g, and this was exactly the lure Eriks friend Anders Leth was using last Monday, when he went fishing with his brother in law, near Hirtshals in the northwestern part of the country. After 3 hours of fishing a huge sea bass took the Brøndum lure and for the next 10 minutes Anders was busy using all his skills while fighting the fish.
By Danish measures this fish was a giant. Only a handful of Danish sea bass over 3 kilos have been caught through times and this fish became part of the exclusive club by pushing the scale to 3.3 kilos.
Erik Simonsen from Grej Online tells that in general the fishing has been good lately. The 3.3 kilos fish is the biggest so far, but several fish around 1-1.5 kilos and an excellent fish on 2.5 kilos have also been caught.
Close up of 3.3 kilos sea bass caught on Green Silver colored Brøndum 27 g.
Photo: Erik Simonsen, grejonline


Sea bass are powerfull fish! This treble got pretty chewed up
Photo: Erik Simonsen, grejonline


This 1.5 kilo sea bass was caught by Erik Simonsen a few days ago. For many years sea bass in this size was unusual in Denmark, but right now this size is quite common.
Photo: Erik Simonsen, grejonline

Seatrout’s and boatfishing bonanza

Right now the seatrout fishing is really picking up in both Denmark and Sweden. In the Swedish part of Øresund it is about time because the season stops on the 15th of September.
Fredrik Lundblad is taking care of the Fairpoint Outdoors / Kinetic sales in the southern half of Sweden and he sure knows how to localize and catch those tricky trout’s. This weekend he went boatfishing a couple of times in the northern part of Øresund.
The first trip was in the middle of the night freday evening. Fredrik invited his friend Cristian Ekvald on his second fishingtrip ever and took the boat to a shallow, sandy area where the fish hunt for sand eels. The two of them were casting 24 g Sølvpilen in “Sinking Wedding” and “Sea Bass” colors, and they managed to land 8 or 9 smaller cods and 3 trout’s in a couple of hours. The biggest seatrout was 60 cm and three other trouts were lost.
The following Sunday Fredrik was back on the water early in the morning between 5 and 7 o’clock. This time he was accompanied by Mårten Dahlquist from the shop Sportsfiskedepån, and as soon as their Sølvpil lures hit the water the fish were there. The total result of this boatfishing bonanza was 7 trout’s over 50 cm. The biggest was 65 cm and a little more than 3 kilos.

On his second fishing trip ever Cristian Ekvald
caught these trout’s on Sølvpilen in the middle of the night.

Mårten Dahlqvist from Sportsfiskedepån with a handful of fish caught on Sølvpilen lures.

What a beautiful fish!

Last week Kinetic test team member and fish biology expert Henrik Carl had planned a sight fishing trip targeting some huge grass carps. Unfortunately rain showers destroyed the chances of sighting those big fish and instead Henrik drove to a small lake in the north eastern part of Denmark. Despite the dark clouds Henrik had no problem spotting a quite unique fish – an almost red glowing golden orfe – swimming near the surface in a small open area in the middle of the weed.

A bit of paste was served on a hook 10 cm bellow a small controller using a Fluoroflex leader. The golden orfe paid attention to it right away, but before it could take the bait a rudd came out of nowhere. Henrik managed to pull the paste away from the rudd without spooking the orfe, just to see another small rudd trying to engulf the paste. Once again he managed to carefully pull the paste away, and once again the orfe went for the bait. This time the red beauty was the fastest. During the fight the fish got snaked in the weed, but Henrik managed to get it loose and finally land it. The measures were 51 cm and 1.55 kg – maybe not the biggest orfe, but definitely the most beautiful one we have seen.

Norwegian pike bonanza
From the two Danish pikeanglers Bjarne Nielsen and Lars Soefort we have received a report from a three days visit to a Norwegian lake during the middle of may. During these three days the pikes were acting weird, but as soon as Bjarne and Lars found the right lures and colors the pikefishing turned into a regular bonanza. Together the two of them caught 17 pikes over 8 kilos. 12 of these were over 9 kilos and the biggest took the scale to 11.1 kilo. The 170 mm Westin Jätte was by far the best lure and the majority of the big predators were caught two different colors: “Streaky the perch” and “Strider”.

Bjarne Nielsen showing one of several       Lars Soefort did well with several fish like   Action on a strider-colored Westin.
norwegian monsterpikes caught on a         this one caught on Westin Jätte 170mm.
“Streaky the perch”-colored Westin.

Best in Test – Hardy Uniqua 14’ # 9

In the June issue of the magazine Jakt & Fiske, Norway, you will find a test of 20 different double handed flyrods around 14 feet – all representing the very best new all-round rods found in Norway. Hardy Uniqua 14’ # 9 excelled in winning the test scoring 6 out of 6 possible points. The test panel used two types of lines: Longlines (speylines) with a belly length ranging from 67 to 71 foot and shooting heads ranging from 12 m and 33 g to 13.2 m and 42 g. The test panel found it easy to cast both types of lines using the Uniqua rod.
The new 4-piece Hardy Demon 14’ # 9 was also tested. It scored 5 out of 6 possible points. The testpanel found it excellent for handling shootingheads and a lighter longline.
The test panel found, that both Hardy rods had an excellent finish.
You will find the test in Jakt & Fiske no. 6/2010 –
a Norwegian magazine sold all over Norway right now.
Product info:
Hardy Uniqua double-handed flyrods are available in 3 models ranging from 13’ # 8 to 15’ # 10
Hardy Demon double-handed flyrods are available in 4 models ranging from 12’ # 7 to 15’ # 10


For big fish in shallow water

As the water gets colder the big, fat autumn pikes moves into the shallow areas. Especially in brackish water you will sometimes find the biggest pikes in surprisingly shallow water. This is exactly the kind of fishing this year’s new Westin Jätte Shallow Runner is made for. For a couple of seasons a few Scandinavian pike specialists have been catching impressive numbers of pikes over 10 kilos by cutting down the lip on some of their old Westin lures. This way, the popular wobbler with its unique slow, rolling movement could be fished in very shallow water.
With the new shallow running Westin wobler we have made it easy for everyone to fish those shallow water hot-spots. It has already proven it’s worth by catching several huge pikes.

Westin Jätte Shallow Runner is available in 15 different colors. All wobblers are 17 cm/40 g/Floating.

Visit Westin Wobblers  

Huge icelandic salmon

Last year Kinetic test team member David Thormar landed one of the biggest salmon caught during 2009. This year he has done it again…
Thursday the 24th of June he was using his beloved Hardy Demon single handed rod to fish for trout in Laxa in Adaldal – when a huge Icelandic salmon took his fly. Against all odds he managed to land the beast and after a fast weigh-, measure-, and photo- session, it was released back into Laxa.
By Icelandic standards it was a gigantic 12 kilo fish measuring 103 centimeters. So far this is the biggest salmon caught on Iceland this year…

The night fishing season is starting up

So far it has been a fantastic seatrout season for our test team member David Thormar. The fishing this spring peaked in the end of April in the southeastern parts of Denmark, where David used our in-line lure “Sømmet” to catch a lot of big trout’s. He had several good days, and during just one of these days he managed to land an impressive number of 19 trout’s. 4 of these fish crossed the 3 kilo mark and the two biggest where 4.0 and 4.8 kilo. All of them where caught using the “Mad Tobis” color.

David Thormar – 4.0 kilo


    Andreas Aggerlund – 3.0 kilo


During the last weeks, the fishing has been slow, but now as we enter June, the night fishing season is slowly starting up. Some people fish for a full night, but most people start in the afternoon and fish a couple of hours into the dark. Last week David was fishing together with two friends, and in the dark a prototype of the new Magic Minnow lure “Kongetobis” was tested. It worked and David’s friend Andreas Aggerlund had the biggest fish – a 3 kilo beauty caught on a 27 g version in the colour “Night Watch”.
Only a couple of days later a 6.1 kilo fish was caught in the same area, and hopefully even bigger fish will be caught during the next weeks. The water temperatures are still rather cold, but some nights you will see the trout’s hunting in the surface or jumping out of the water, while other nights are really slow.

Danish spring salmon - A real cannibal

Not all salmon stop feeding, when they enter freshwater. Kinetics Marketing Coordinator Peter Kirkby had a solid proof of this, when he was fishing for springers in the west part of Denmark.
Peter was fishing in River Storåen, near Holstebro in Denmark on april 25th, when he caught his first salmon of the year. The fish was a real chrome beauty measuring 90 cm and weighing 7,7 kilo and it was caught on a 14 g Black/Copper Rooster Tail Spinner fished near the bottom a little upstream a sharp turn on the small river.
The most remarkable thing about this catch is the fact that this salmon was still eating after it entered the river. A limited catch quota is allowed on this river, so this salmon was kept for eating. The stomach of the fish was still full functional, and nothing less than 5 smaller salmon measuring approximately 15 cm had been swallowed by this cannibal salmon during the last days. This certainly makes one wonder if any lure or fly can be to big…

RIO Products wins IGFA award

As the Scandinavian distributor of RIO products we are proud to announce that RIO Products – once again has won the IGFA award for achieving the most world records in the fly fishing line class division.

Thomas Jespersen, Managing Director for Kinetic / Fairpoint Outdoors, says:

“This once again emphasizes the fact that RIO do have some of the very best products found on the marked. Their efforts to be a benchmark for the fly fishing industry do not only pay off when it comes to tippet material, but in every single line and every product they make.”



For further information on the IGFA Award
please see the attached news release from RIO Products.


Tricky “Dollies”

Marketing coordinator Peter Kirkby from Kinetic have just returned from a floattrip in Alaska where he had the chance to test several rods and reels from Kinetic and Hardy along with some of the Rio flylines:
–- We were 8 guys fishing together with Getaway Tours on the Talachulitna Creek and River. It’s my third visit to the river and every time is a new experience. We usually start the trip where a small creek enters a lake in the upper part of the system and this year was no exception. Right here we fish for Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma malma) – a trout closely related to the arctic char and found in most of Alaska. The first couple of fish usually attack more or less anything before getting tricky. This year the “Dollies” were extremely tricky from the very beginning. At the mouth of the small creek we could see several fish, but they seemed impossible to catch. The small creek change every year during spring runoff when the ice breaks and the snow melts. This year only one deeper pool was found near the outlet and it was more or less blocked by a small tree and washed out bushes. Still I had to give it a try. Using a weighted nymph and the new RIO Dart WF4 F/S3 only found on the Scandinavian marked I was able to achieve the right presentation exactly on the back side of the snag.
A nice size dolly shook its head twice before bolting of like a bonefish. It went full speed downstream and in the shallow part of the outlet it zigzagged between the legs of my fellow fishermen before entering the deeper parts of the lake. It was finally measured and released: 54 centimeters and a lot of fun on a light Hardy Marksman rod.
This fish was just the beginning and by fishing deep with small nymphs or using a fast presentation of small streamers on the edge of shallow water at the outlet we caught several nice fish from 40-54 centimeters. Peter ends his report by adding:
- I caught 20 dollies that evening, using the RIO Dart line. The line is designed and perfected for Scandinavian brown- and seatrout- and single hand salmonfishing, but it was a pleasure to see that it can also make a big difference “over there”.

Five kilo seatrout on Great Heron

After a hot summer the water temperatures in the coastal areas surrounding Denmark are starting to drop. A lot of the seatrouts that have been feeding in deeper water now start moving towards streams and rivers or start feeding higher in the water column.

Last Saturday Peter Kirkby from Kinetic went trolling with a good friend Jimmi Olsen near the beautiful coastline of south eastern Denmark. In the evening – after catching several cods – they found the trout’s in depths from 15 to 20 feet.

Even though the new Magic Minnow Great Heron is made as a casting lure a few of them were tried along with the traditional trolling lures. Both the cods and the sea trout’s seemed to like them, and out of 3 trout’s both the smallest and the biggest took a Great Heron. Peter caught the biggest fish – a pure beauty with an impressive weight of 5.3 kilo. This fish was caught on a 22 g GH in the color Smallpox. Jimmi’s biggest fish was a superb fighting 2.7 kilo trout caught on a conventional trolling lure.

162 kilo halibut on Giant Baithead

The Giant Baithead is a jighead designed to mount a deadbait in a simple and fast manner, making it possible to fish exactly like you would do with a normal shadjig. At the seafishing camp “Torsvåg Havsfiske” fishing with a combination of a small coalfish served on a Giant Baithead is considered one of the deadliest methods for huge halibuts. The Camp is situated on the small island Koja branching off the main Island Vannøy and several huge “barren doors” have been caught in this area. This includes a 194 kilo monster caught by campguide Stefan Lühring in 2008 on a Giant Jighead.

This year the halibut season was kicked off April 8th, when Stefan took his Dutch clients halibut fishing. The morning was slow, but as the current picked up during the day the halibuts started biting. The first bite was a small one, but soon after Stefan was able to catch and release an impressive halibut estimated around 65 kilos.

To most anglers a 65 kilo halibut could be the fish of a lifetime, but the memories of this fish soon faded compared to what happened next. Harry Verhagen from Holland was fishing near the bottom 50 meters below the boat, when he felt a bite and hooked a fish on his Giant Baithead. Soon he was in for the fight of his life. For two hours he was fighting like hell before another Torsvåg monster was finally in the boat. The weight of this huge halibut was 162.7 kilo. It measured 230 cm in length.

As far as we know here at Kinetic it is the biggest halibut ever caught on a Giant Baithead. What a way to start the season!

Harry to the right with his 162.7 kilo halibut caught on a Giant Baithead/coalfish combination.
The guide Stefan Luehring is kneeling to the left.


The combination of a coalfish mounted on a Giant Baithead is a deadly cocktail for halibut.

For more photos and information on the camp:

Photos: Stefan Lühring


Big trout’s in shallow water

Kinetic test team member David Thormar and his father Einar have been quite successful while hunting big Danish seatrouts in shallow water areas of eastern Sjælland. Their last adventure was an afternoon trip to one of those shallow water areas, where the big fish go to hunt. One of the biggest problems when fishing these areas is to find a longcasting lure with the perfect balance and action to fish near the surface without getting stuck in seaweed. The new Magic Minnow Djurswobler proved to be the perfect weapon.
This afternoon a beautiful 4.1 kg trout couldn’t stand the temptation of the “Live Fish” colored Djurswobler. Einar caught this fish while he was standing on a rock casting a little towards the shore. Several other fish was caught during the evening, and in total David and Einar had 5 fish each. Einars 4.1 kg fish was the biggest, but he had an even bigger fish following the lure all the way to the tip of the rod. The biggest trout’s caught by David was 2.6 and 3.75 kg.

Salmon catching family

Right now and for the next couple of weeks salmonfishing for big silver plated springers in the Danish rivers is hot – perhaps the hottest salmonfishing you will find anywhere in the world at this time of year. Still there’s an old Danish saying telling that for every springer you catch, you should expect to wear out a pair of rubber boots.
Luckily Michael Ejstrup Nielsen was a little faster than that, when he decided to test his new Viva V7 LTX reel.
Michael and his family seem to know exactly how to catch salmon. Last week Michael’s uncle Niels Ejstrup Sørensen, who lives on the Faroe Islands, was visiting the other uncle Flemming. They went salmonfishing and both of them were successful. Flemming had a 7.2 kg fish and Niels could bring back a 8.2 kg springer.

 Inspired by their catches Michael went to the river Storåen. Michael was fishing next to a snag in the river, when a salmon took his spinner and made a run for cover. The fight offered all the excitement, acrobatics and action needed to test the break to the limit. Several times the line was caught around some wooden poles in the river, but finally Michael managed to force it away from the dangerous snags and with assistance from his friend Tim, he could land the beauty – a perfectly shaped springer measuring 89 cm and 8.35 kg.

Gigantic Cod

This gigantic cod balanced the scale at 39.4 kg. It was caught by Danish angler Filip Faurholm on a Giant Jighead from Kinetic.
Photo by Jakob Lindberg

39.4 kilo cod caught on Giant Jighead from Kinetic??Kinetic test team member and freelance writer Jakob Lindberg has spent more weeks than any other Danish angler at Sørøya in northern Norway in search of the area's legendary big cod. This year the fishing was better than ever before, so when Jakob at the end of March had a chance to get off to Nordic Sea Angling’s camp there was no way around it. The trip was planned in haste and the first 1 1/2 days Jakob fished alone until fish mate Filip Faurholm joined. Together the two experienced an unbelievable fishingadventure targeting the so-called skrei – a strain of cod, which migrates from the Barents Sea to northern Norway to spawn. ?In total they caught 22 cod over 20 kilos. April 1st the fishing went absolutely berserk when Philip landed a cod of 32.2 kg and Jakob got to test his Kinetic Godspeed 20-30 lbs rod with a cod of 36.1 kg. Both fish were caught on the heaviest model Giant Jighead from Kinetic. ?Few would have thought that this catch could be surpassed, but already April 3rd a huge cod inhaled the Giant Jighead Filip was using. Filip had to put all his strength into his Greys Siege rod before he managed to land an extremely thick cod of 130 cm length. There was no doubt, that this was the heaviest cod caught during the trip, so immediately the two anglers sailed the harbor to get the exact weight of the fish. Soon it was clear to both of them that the European record of 37.52 kg was passed with a solid margin, as the fish weighed 39.4 kg. ?Filips fish will apply for a new European record, but it might not be a long-lived record. Already the day after a cod of 41 kg was caught by German Manfred Müller, who sailed from Skjervøy Seafishingcamp and fished in Olderfjorden. Whether this catch will apply for a European record is not yet known.

Kinetic test team member Jakob Lindberg is a regular freelance writer for the Danish magazine “fiske-feber” in which a story on his and Filip's experiences can be read in the next issue. ?Already in the current editions of the Danish magazine “Fisk & Fri” and Swedish “fiske-feber” you will find an interesting article on this year's insane cod fishing. Jimmy Andersson, who runs Nordic Sea Angling, has written a story on the beginning of this year’s “skrei adventure”. ?

Magic Minnow Giant Jighead & Giant Shad

Magic Minnow Giant Jighead is the Scandinavian version of the original Giant Jighead designed and developed by sportsfishingjournalist and seafishing expert Volker Dapoz for big Norwegian halibut and other heavy-weight species. The head is made of zink with extra heavy wire and several “eyes” for line attachment. Use the front eye when trolling and the middle eye for drifting and vertical jigging.
All giant Jigheads are equipped with high quality double swivels, split rings and 2 perma steel treble hooks. The Giant Jighead is designed to work with any type of shad, but to get the ultimate result in big fish attraction a new Giant Shad have been designed to make a perfect match.
All Magic Minnow Giant Jigheads are sold and equipped with a Giant Shad made in the most durable materials found on the marked – proven to last for numerous big fish without getting ripped apart or losing the unique paddletail movement.

Magic Minnow Giant Jigheads are available in 6 different color combinations and 4 sizes: 200, 280, 380 and 450 g.

The extremely durable Magic Minnow Giant Shads are sold in 2 piece packages with shads in different colors. 5 different color combinations are available in 3 sizes: 15, 20 and 25cm.