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Tica fishing reels

The brand TiCA is a trademark of the company Ever Winner. Ever Winner has a long history of making fishing reels for world famous high end brands, before they finally launched their own brand TiCA in 1990. From the very beginning TiCA has insisted on developing their own innovative technologies and due to this, they now possess a position as one of the top brands in the international fishing tackle industry.Through the years designing and producing innovative fishing reels has been a top priority and it is almost needless to say that TiCA Reels are born to perform!

The secrets of performance
Many of the best performing secrets of a TiCA fishing reel are hidden within. To Scandinavian anglers casting distance and precision is important. To cast further and more exact it takes a perfect line lay. A perfect line lay is exactly what you will find on TiCA spinning reels in all price classes. The engineers at TiCA have used precision design and the lowest possible tolerances when constructing mechanisms like Worm Shaft System, Intelligent Oscillation System and Crank Oscillation System – all different mechanisms responsible for controlling the line lay.

TiCA’s Intelligent Oscillating System is the system most commonly found in the Scandinavian range of spinning reels.
It uses a secondary cam to provide more efficiency and strength to the gearing. Due to a genius design the transfer of movement between gear and main shaft is done in an oval movement. This allows the main shaft and the spool to spend less time in top- and bottom position, and this is why you will find an impressive even line laying, resulting in greater casting distance.

Another importaint feature found on top end spinning reels is the TiCA Cybernetic Frame. It is incredibly strong and durable, constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, rigid graphite and fiber resins.The super thin body design avoids any unused space with the reel internals, creating an extremely strong mechanical system yet remaining ultra-light weight. Fiber resin twin sideplates makes it easy to service the reels, whilst the internal “tracking” system of the main shaft increases the power and strength of the reel overall, and allows for much less reel “wobble” than standard reel 

Stunna SN: TI01250 - TI01350

Stunna GN: TI02150 - TI02350

Spinfocus SU: TI03250

Spinfocus GU: TI05250 - TI05350

Cambria LZ Front Drag: TI06250 - TI06400 

Cambria LZ Rear Drag: TI06255 - TI06355 

Cambria LY Front Drag: TI07250 - TI07400 

Cambria LZ Rear Drag: TI07255 - TI07355 

Cetus 500: TI11500 - TI10500

Rage GB: TI12600 - TI12800 

Rage EA: TI13600 - TI14800

Caiman DJ: TI15100 - TI15200

Tactica KC: TI16050 - TI16051

Seaspirit SS-R/C: TI17248 - TI17458 

Seaspirit SS-R/V: TI18348 - TI18558

Seaspirit SP-R/C: TI19248 - TI20048 

Seaspirit SP-R: TI20348 - TI20558 

Talisman TG8000 

Sea Wave SWP: TI22112 - TI22212

Tica Team Wide Two-speed: TI23300 - TI23800