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Almost spooled by 55 kilo Mekong Catfish

While spending Christmas in Thailand Kinetic test team member Henrik Carl had the opportunity to fish at the famous Gilhams Fishing Resort located in the Krabi province. The lake holds several different big fish species from Asia, South America, Europe and Africa, and during three days of fishing Henrik caught 10 different species and 26 fish in total. His catches included Redtail catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus), Mekong giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas), Siamese giant carp (Catlocarpio siamensis) and a Arapaima (Arapaima gigas). The biggest of these was a 55 kilo Mekong catfish. These giants are known to be some of the hardest fighting freshwater fish, and for 45 minutes this fish was displaying its strength to a point where Henrik had to jump in the water to follow and avoid being spooled!
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Monster Tuna Fishing – 4 over 1000 lbs!

In muscles, stamina, strength and size nothing comes close to the Bluefin Tuna. For many years the waters out of Prince Edwards Island in Nova Scotia was the place where these brutes gathered to feed on herrings and mackerels but then they more or less disappeared for decades. Thanks to strict commercial restrictions and management the monster tunas are back! Bluefin’s exceeding 1000 and even 1500 pounds visit these waters and a carefully managed charter business is allowed to take sports fishermen out on the ultimate adventure – to challenge a giant Bluefin!
Thomas Petersen from and three of his friends took up the challenge and caught four Bluefin’s over 1000 lbs!
This is their video from a monster tuna fishing trip…


Pikefishing in Finland

The Pikefishing season in the Finnish archipelago around Turko had a slow start this autumn. In end November Thomas Petersen and Peter Kirkby from Kinetic were visiting Test team member Mikael Sarelin and his friend Jani Hannula. Water temperatures were still high and the pikes were hard to catch and had not really moved into shallow water. Still the four anglers managed to make a reasonable result including a 7.5 kg beauty caught on a pikefly by Mikey and a strong fighting 8.5 kg fish caught on Westin Jätte Shallow Runner by Peter. Once again the Shallow Runner proved to be a perfect lure for brackish water pike.

Since this trip the water temperatures has been dropping, and a small report from Mikey tells that the pike fishing in December is now at its best: “The watertemperatures are between 2-3 degrees Celsius, and the days are really short now, says Mikey. Sunrise is at around 9 am and sunset at about 4 pm. I really haven't had the time to go fishing as much as I'd liked to, but the quality of the fishing has been great! During the last two trips we've caught three big pikes and had some more chasing our flies.
The three largest ones have measured between 9.3-10.5 kilos, and all of them have been taken while floattubing on some of the really shallow bay-areas in the archipelago.

The excellent photos of Mikey with a 9.3 kilo pike were shot
by photographer Hasse Härkönen who accompanied him for a day of float tubing.

I've been fishing a Hardy Proaxis 9' #9 and I must say that I love it: It casts big flies with ease and performs unbelievably well with big fish. When float tubing, I've been using it together with Rio Outbound Short lines, with a sink1 or intermediate tip depending on how shallow waters I fish. When fishing from a boat were longer casts are preferred, I go for the Rio Outbound with a normal length head, either with an intermediate or sink 2 tip. Works great!”
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Put and Take lake: ”Citadellet”

Edge 3776 in battle with the brook trout                                         Elias showing one of the colourful brook trouts

Elias Narvelo and Joel Jönsson from Kinetic went to an interesting Put and Take lake in south part of Sweden called ”Citadellet” (old fortress from the 1500’s) to try out a new fishing-technique with a spinning rod. Once they got there the temperature was showing only 4°C and hard wind (12-14m/s) didn’t bring smiles on their faces. This wasn’t very promising for catching lots of fish but the products needed to be tested. They caught two chars/brook trout’s (Salvelinus fontinali) and lost two rainbow trout’s during short time by using the new technique, and due to the harsh weather they had to stop fishing only after 2 hours. 
The lake/moat is unfortunately closed for the season and opens again in the spring 2012. What makes this Put and Take special is that they are pumping saltwater from the sea and average depth is around 4-6 meters, which means that water quality and fish is top class any time of the year.

Vättern – Char on D360°


Vättern is the second largest lake in Sweden and has a good population of salmon, char and big pike. Normally salmon and char are caught by trolling but Elias and Joel from Kinetic, went to Vättern for salmonfishing from the rocks on the west part
of the big lake. It was impossible to see any feeding salmon due to the hard wind. After one hour of fishing Elias caught a beautiful char from the rocks on the new Inline lure from Magic Minnow, D360° in the color “Three Amigos”.


The Char was carefully released back into the freshwater-lake Vättern.

This is a big pike Dad...

Torben Christensen from Kinetic spends much time with his son Tobias on different lakes here in Denmark. It has become more trips for perch and pike this fall. Tobias has become a “hard-hitter” on the lakes and do not always want to end the fishing trip when Dad wants to. Tobias stubbornness put Torben in place on one of their last tour in mid-November. Late in the afternoon and with the last light in the horizon chose Tobias switch to a fresh Roach to fish with on the sliding float. When the float was in line with the last float Tobias wanted his float to be even further away from the boat. This strategy worked; there were not many minutes before a large pike attached the fresh Roach. As can be seen in the picture, Tobias had a hard and long fight
with the big pike to get it into the boat, on the Devilfish Junior Spin Combo 6’ 2 - 20 g. Tobias commentary during the fight was, “this is a big pike Dad!” He managed to land the big fish with a little help from Dad who got a photo of the pike in the last light. The weight on Tobias’ pike was 9.7 kg…

Tight Lines Tobias - 4 years!

Magic Minnow Sea Fishing
- Halibut Fishing in Tromsø Norway

In August this year, three people from Kinetic went for some Halibut action in Tromsø, Norway. The crew consisted of the product developer for Fairpoint Outdoors, Elias Narvelo and the experienced sea-anglers Jakob Lindberg and Nikolaj Bielecki. Given Jakob’s and Nikolaj’s experience from previous tours, the expectations were high.


They arrived on Friday the 19th, and began to fish directly. Fishing was slow with few contacts, but Elias caught one on 20,5 kg in the end of the day on the Giant Jighead 450 g. For the remaining days, they gave everything they had with about 14 hours of fishing each day. The large flounder was simply gone. During the four days of fishing they had 10-15 bites (probably smaller fish) and Nikolaj also lost two Halibut that seemed to be of larger size. So to sum up Elias got four halibuts and Nikolaj three. The “biggest” was the one Elias caught on 20.5 kg and the rest were between 8 - 17 kg. They tested a lot of stuff and all three were fishing with Edge 3776 Boat 20-30 lbs and Godspeed Boat 20-30 lbs with Tica SS458R / V reels.
All of our Magic Minnow jigs became hard tested and all Halibut’s that came up were released naturally back into their element.

We’ve made a short movie with some fun action, enjoy!

Halibut Attack – Unique video-footage of halibut attacking the lure

Peter Kirkby struggling to present a 134 cm halibut to the camera

To many anglers worldwide, catching a halibut is considered being the ultimate catch. To make this dream come true more and more anglers visit the northern part of Norway to go sea fishing.
Earlier this year Danish TV host Mads Hussing was fishing with sports fishing journalists and experts Jakob Lindberg and Peter Kirkby from They were fishing and shooting footage for a series of fishing shows – “Fiskemagasinet” or in English “The Fishing Magazine” – to be shown on the Danish TV channel DK4 later this year. The fishing took place at two different locations – the Nordic Sea Angling camp at Ringvassøya near Tromsø and Artic Lyngen Sjøcamp at Lyngsfjorden a three hours’ drive east of Tromsø.

During six days of fishing, thirteen halibuts were caught. The two biggest were caught during the last day of fishing in Lyngsfjord. They measured 134 cm and 150 cm in length and the weight of these fishes was estimated to respectively 35-40 kilos and 50 kilos or more. The biggest one was caught by the TV host.

Big halibut – or “storkveite” as they call them in Norway – are off course impressive, but to the small film crew, the most sensational capture was done when filming under-water. Several times they were able to film how halibuts attacked the lure.

A short video showing some of the sensational footage has now been released by This is just a part of the spectacular footage filmed during the trip. More will be shown on the Danish channel DK4, as the new episodes of Fiskemagasinet will be broadcasted in November and December 2011.

The host on Fiskemagasinet, Mads Hussing, says: “For 16 years I have been making the TV show, and I expect this to this to be the best series of shows we have ever made. The halibut is a mysterious and in many ways legendary fish. It is something special to catch these huge fish and it is really spectacular to see underwater footage of how they rise from the bottom to attack a lure! You can really learn a lot from watching these TV shows.”

Mads Hussing showing the biggest halibut of the trip –
150 cm and approximately 50 kilos (110 lb)

Curiosity kills the Westin wobblers!


Please see the film where we show clips of the two newest Westin wobblers. Westin Platypus and Westin Multi Jointed, including a clip of the classic Westin Jätte, are now available in a 190 mm version. In all three clips, you can see the pike note the situation before it attacks the wobbler. Please note the peace that rests over the pike before they attack the Westin wobbler. The famous "Westin Roll" makes the difference. Lots of fun, if you like pike fishing.

Westin Platypus, Westin Multi Jointed and Westin Jätte (190 mm) - Available spring 2012.

To test the Westin Platypus

Allan Christensen, the developer of the Westin Platypus had a terrific day on the lake this weekend. With 16 pike in the boat, where the 13 were taken at the Westin Platypus. The number of the day was: 6 pike over 6 kg with the maximum of 8.7 kg at the top reveals a great predator wobbler has seen the light!
Allan’s technique was traditionally spin fishing.


The story behind the Platypus

The Platypus Project was a tough assignment for the Scandinavian lure maker Allan Christensen. We wanted to keep it all secret and we didn’t even have a name for the lure – only a list of impossible demands, including a lot of X-factor and the best rolling movement ever seen on a lure! When we saw the look of the final prototype the name was obvious due to the resemblance of the beak on a real platypus.

“It took me 32 different proto types and countless hours of testing and adjusting to achieve what I was looking for. The result is a unique lure with an incredible action and swimming pattern – even when fished at extreme slow speed for tricky pike during the coldest part of spring. When fished at high speed the action of the lure is just as incredible. I have no doubt that this will become a classic big fish lure in the future. Tight Lines”!


Westin Platypus - Available spring 2012.

Salmon and monster pike on Kinetic rods

For all kinds of trolling the Kinetic Godspeed G2 Inline rod has become a really popular rod. One of many who love these rods is Christoffer “Totta” Heurlin. When he’s not out fishing, he works selling fishing tackle in the shop “Skena Järn” in Sweden.
In the end of September Christoffer and his girlfriend Jonna Nilsson was trolling in the Baltic Ocean near Simrishamn in the southeastern part of Sweden. This day the Godspeed rods proved their worth. Not only did Christoffer catch a 100 cm salmon weighing 11.7 kilos using one of his Godspeed G2 Inline 9’ rods and 0.34 RIO Powerflex Braid, but his girlfriend caught an even bigger fish measuring 115 cm with a an estimated weight of over 13 kilos – also on a Godspeed Rod.
For pike trolling the inline rods are equally popular. During the first week of October Kristian Svensson – a friend of Christoffer – caught a monster of a pike measuring 124 cm but with a weight of only 11.27 kilos. In peak condition a fish like this would be really massive! This huge fish was caught using the 9’ Godspeed G2 Inline rod for trolling a livebait in a local lake.
The big pike was released after a few photos and actually Christoffer and his friends also release most of the salmon they catch while trolling.
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Info on Godspeed G2 Inline:

Godspeed rods – the next generation

Even within the popular and trusted Godspeed range of rods we were able to make a few smaller changes for some rods to perform better than ever before. These improvements as well as a change to a more up front design resulted in several generation two (G2) rods introduced this year. This includes the Godspeed G2 Inline rods. The new rod comes in a medium model ­(8’6” - 10-20 lbs) and a medium heavy model (9´ - 20-30 lbs).

• Pac Bay DPS reel seat     • ´TORAY´ High Performance Carbon blanks    • Reinforced with 1K woven carbon
• Premium grade EVA back handle    • Polygon ergonomic front handle

Westin News 2012

The Westin lure family is evolving and for the 2012 season three new lure species are born. Their natural habitat is everywhere you find large predators. If they were living creatures they would soon be extinct because these new lures have the ability to draw attention from all the thoothy critters out there!

Westin Platypus             

Westin Multi Jointed      

Westin Jätte 190 mm


Westin Deep Runner for Big Pike and Huge Zanders


We managed to contain the famed and unique movement – the Westin roll – in a deep running Westin lure. For extra attraction this lure is equipped with interior Ultra Sonic rattle balls attracting predators from far away. The color-selection is a mix between proven “evergreens” and several unique colors chosen by some of the leading big zander experts in Scandinavia.
Pike and big perch love it and when we start talking zander, this lure is a coldblooded killer!

• Material: ABS plastic    • Lead free    • Treble Hook size: #2    • Running depth: 4-6 m
• Ultra Sonic rattle balls  • Full wire-through-body construction
Available in 12 colors and one model (120 mm, 23 g, floating).

Westin – Just Eat it!

World record golden perch?

September 25th Torben Christensen from Kinetic was up for a surprise as he was fishing on Esrum Lake in Denmark. Not only did he catch a perch in a very unusual size. It also had a very unusual color. The huge perch weighing 1.75 kilos didn’t have the usual green coloration with dark, black stripes. Instead it was completely golden, making it a very unusual sight, as it was brought to the boat from a deep part of the lake.

The golden perch is the same species as a normal perch (Perca fluviatilis).
The unusual color is caused by a mutation similar to that found on golden tench in garden ponds.

Torben caught his fish on a black jig using a Kinetic 6’ rod and a Viva reel. As far as we know this is very likely to be the biggest golden perch ever caught. Who knows? Maybe Torben is now an unofficial world record holder?
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment.
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Great sea-trout season closure

Along the coast of southern Sweden the seatrout season ends in mid-September. During the last weeks of the season it takes a lot of trips to get tuned in on the fishing, but it can be quite good and there’s a chance of some really big fish.
Einar Gjaldbæk and his son David Thormar from Kinetics Test Team had a tough time trying to find the fish this year. Both of them had several unsuccessful trips to Sweden but on Friday September 11th they finally succeeded. This day Einar had a really beautiful and strong fighting fish weighing 2.5 kilos and David caught a smaller one. The 2.5 kilo was caught on a Magic Minnow Sømmet in the color “Pattegrisen” (pink and white).
The day after Einar was back in Sweden for half a day of fishing. Once again he was using his Magic Minnow Sømmet inline lure, and this day the trout’s went crazy. In total he caught 9 trout’s but unfortunately no really big ones.
Sunday David came along again. His approach was to use a big Magic Minnow Kongetobis lure fished at slow speed in shallow water. This technique proved deadly to a beautiful 3.5 kilo trout, which turned out to be the biggest of the day. The same technique and lure also accounted for a 2.3 kilo trout. Even bigger fish were around that day and with a little luck Einar could have won the family competition. He was also using a Kongetobis when a big fish in excess of five kilos attacked. Instead of taking a run, the fish kept swimming towards Einar before jumping right in front of him. This maneuver is perhaps one of the best ways for a seatrout to get rid of a hook and this was exactly what happened. No monster trout for Einar, but what an experience!
Right now the seatrout fishing in southern Sweden is closed until 1st of January.
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Light tackle mackerel bonanza

The mackerels found in Oresund – the strait between Denmark and Sweden – are very strong fighters. They are usually scarce in numbers but quite big in size and this makes light tackle fishing for these mini-torpedo’s a challenge and great experience when you succeed.

Lately Kinetics sales representative in southern Sweden, Fredrik Lundblad, has been very successful when using small strips of herring and serving these in a depth of 6-9 meters.

This Monday morning he was out fishing day together with Amer Zukanovic from the tackle shop Piscari in Helsingborg. This was a great opportunity to test some of the new tackle that will be available in the shops from 2012.  In this case it was a new Edge Dynamic Light Spin rod (9’6” 3-15 g) and the new TiCA Stunna reel. Both rod and reel performed at their very best and during Fredrik and Amer’s short session the two of them caught 20 mackerels from 700 to 1000 grams – in other words a real light tackle mackerel bonanza.


If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment.

Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:


New inline lure for Monster sea trout ­– D360°

Magic Minnow D360° is an inline lure for sea trout fishing. It is designed to catch more fish– and loose less! It will cast far and has a great irregular action that will attract fish from far away. Occasional spin stops will make it spin and rotate to attract even more trout’s.
The work on this inline lure started 2 years ago. During spring 2011 Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar was test fishing some of the final samples of D360°. His best session revealed just how efficient this new lure can be. He caught a staggering number of 5 silver plated trout’s in excess of 3 kilos each. The biggest took the scale to 4.8 kilos.
The use of inline lures has been very popular in Denmark for many years and the reason is obvious: Once a hooked trout starts rolling in the surface, a regular lure can be used as a lever to get rid of the hook and many trout’s are lost this way. By using an inline lure the lure will simply slide up the line and cannot be used as a lever. This way less fish are lost during the fight.
It is simple to rig a D360°. Run your line through the lure and use a small round or oval bead to protect the knot before tying
the line to a single- or treble-hook of your choice. If you prefer a free swinging hook we recommend mounting the hook on an oval split ring and tying the knot to the one-stranded part of the ring.

• Designed and developed in Scandinavia
• Incredible swimming action
• Lead free construction
• Inline concept – lose less fish!


This autumn Magic Minnow D360° is available at the tackle shops in 10 different colors (including several UltraViolet colors) and 2 different weights – 18 g and 28 g.


New distributor of TiCA in Scandinavia


Fairpoint Outdoors A/S is proud to announce that they will be the new 2012 distributor of TiCA reels in Scandinavia.


The brand TiCA was registered in 1991 by the company EverWinner, Ltd of Taichung, Taiwan. EverWinner founded in 1965 has a long history of making machined parts, athletic equipment and fishing reels for world famous high end brands, before they finally launched their own brand TiCA


From the very beginning TiCA has insisted on developing their own innovative technologies and due to this, they now possess a position as one of the top brands in the international fishing tackle industry.

Through the years designing and producing innovative fishing reels has been a top priority and it is almost needless to say that TiCA Reels are born to perform!


From the beginning of 2012 Fairpoint Outdoors will start distributing TiCA in Scandinavia.


“A few of the models in our 2012 catalogue are already known and valued reels in Scandinavia, but there’s also a lot of new models that will be a pleasant surprise for Scandinavian anglers”, says Marketing Coordinator Peter Kirkby.


“We have already tested several of the new models. One of the features found on many Tica Reels is the Intelligent Oscillating System (IOS) that ensures a perfect line lay. Together with our Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar I tested this system while fishing for arctic char from the shore in Greenland. We were using a small Tica Cambria LY and the line lay was absolutely stunning for a reel in this price class, making it possible to fish with ultra-thin braided line without risking line tangles. The slogan of TiCA says BORN TO PERFORM! Arctic char up to 3 kilos are really strong fish. The reel handled them with ease and truly proved to be a born performer”


Cambria LY Front Drag

Cambria LY series reels offer you well-known performance at a low cost. This is done by reducing the number of ball bearings down to the important ones. Cambria LY Front Drag features 4 ball bearings and a One-way clutch instant anti-reverse roller bearing. Cambria LY Front Drag also features a silver/gray graphite body, a soft touch handle knob and a smooth and easy to operate front brake.

· 4  ball bearings placed in key areas

· Graphite body

· Strong, durable aluminum alloy spool

· One-way clutch instant anti-reverse roller bearing

· Computer balanced rotor

· Special Anti-Twist Line Roller

· Intelligent Oscillating System

· Right or left hand winding

· Soft touch handle knob (regular knob on sz 4000)

· Gear Ratio: 4.9 (sz 2500+3500) – 4.3 (sz 4000)

· Weight: 240g (sz 2500) – 315g  (sz 3500) – 450g (sz 4000)

· Line/turn: 70 cm (sz 2500) – 80 cm (sz 3500) – 83 cm (sz 4000)

· Line capacity: 0.25/180m (sz 2500) – 0.30/240m (sz 3500) – 0.35/290m (sz 4000)


TiCA Cambria LY is one of several TiCA reels Fairpoint Outdoors will be distributing in Scandinavia in 2012.


Kinetic Test Team Member David Thormar showing a strong fighting artic char caught from the shore in Greenland.
Notice the excellent line lay on the TiCA Cambria reel.


“Danish” Sturgeons on Kinetic tackle

During the last week Test team member Henrik Carl has been fishing for sturgeon. No – he wasn’t in Canada or Russia. Instead he has been fishing in the small trout lake “Poppelsøen” In Ballerup half an hour from the center of Copenhagen in Denmark.
This summer around 80 sturgeons has been stocked in the lake. The biggest are Siberian sturgeon up to 10 kilos – there are several of medium size Russian sturgeon and finally some small Beluga sturgeon. During 3 trips Henrik has caught and released 10 of these. He found that not only is the Kinetic 13 feet Godspeed Ultralight Spin a perfect rod for trout fishing with bombarda floats and long leaders, it’s also a great rod for coarse fishing for all kinds of fish including sturgeon and Henrik uses it with a Viva Tactics free line reel.
Henrik has been using pellets, shrimps or small pieces of herring fished on a sliding rig with a small weight or a feeder and this set-up seems to work perfect. So far the biggest three biggest are Siberian sturgeons weighing 5.5 – 5.7 and 7.0 kilos. All of them were extreme fighters leaping out of the water several times. The biggest took nothing less than half an hour before surrendering.
Danish info on the lake is found at:
If you have reports on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report:

Asp – the Scandinavian Tarpon!

Nikolai Holttinen is one of our local area sales managers in Finland. Besides doing a great job, he is also a skilled angler. This is a report from his latest trip:
“Asp (Aspius aspius) is quite a rare fish in Finland. This roach-like carnivore holds a reputation of being a mysterious fish and is to be known to be a great fighter – maybe the closest we get to a Scandinavian mini tarpon. Unlike other roach species Asp is a pure "fish eater" and when the waters start to warm up, their favorite food is bleak. It's magnificent to watch how the asps strike in to those bleak schools just below the surface!!
Last week I had the opportunity to try to catch this beautiful fish together with one of my good customers, Jukka Halonen from Sportia Pekka. He lives close to a water system that probably holds the biggest asp populations in all of Finland! Average size in about 3 kilos and last year they caught two fish close to 7 kilos!
The fish were there attacking the big schools of bleak from below, but we couldn’t catch them. We tried everything in small spoons and wobblers trying to imitate those bleaks but nothing seemed to work. The breakthrough came as we chanced tactics and started to cast bigger and heavier Great Herons. Immediately we started to get results!   

In my case, I think a bit of beginners luck was involved, but soon after I had caught my two first asps. Jukka also caught one as he changed for a Great Heron.  All fish were estimated at a weight between 3.5 and 4 kilos. Both of mine took a 22g Great Heron (Veri Good color) and Jukka caught his fish on a Pattegrisen colored Great Heron!”

If you have reports on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report:


Giant pike on Westin lure – 18.78 kg!
Some of Sweden’s largest pikes are caught in the huge lake Vättern. Locating the pikes in this water can be quite a challenge, but if you succeed and catch a big one it is really worth a lot of hard work.
Just a few days ago one of the lakes monsters was caught on a 230 mm Westin Jätte in the color “Red Hot Black” by Glenn Franzén from Mullsjö, Sweden. Here’s his story:
”The pike I caught April 25th. had a weight of 18,78 kilos and measured 125 cm. I was fishing with my dad, and usually most of our pikefishing is done with jerkbaits. This day we changed tactics and started trolling, as we were planning to have a cup of coffee and something to eat.
We never got to the coffee, before one of the rods flexed. I grabbed the rod to set the hooks. The lure –a Red Hot Black” Westin Jätte 23 cm – had been fishing in a depth of 3,5 meters and now it was stuck in the jaws of a big pike. The pike only did three short runs during the 2-3 minutes fight. Then she came to the surface and we could admire the size of this beast. The landing net was way too small, but we still managed to lift the pike into the boat.
After unhooking, weighing and measuring it as fast as possible we shoot a few photos before she was released back into the deep water of Vättern. A total feeling of happiness is the only way to describe the situation. I had just caught the pike of a lifetime! I can hardly remember anything from the following couple of hours and I guess it was like being drugged with happiness.”
Not only did Glenn catch his giant pike one of our Westin Lures, he was also using a Kinetic Viper 9’ rod and the new RIO Powerflex braid 0.18 mm (10.4 kg) – a brilliant new braided line showing superior strength and abrasion resistance.
If you have reports on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report:

Salmon right away - membership paid off

A membership of the local club paid off for Peter Kirkby from Kinetic. After several visits to the small Danish river Storaaen, Peter decided that it was time to stop buying the regular day licenses and time to become a member of the local fishing club “Holsterbro og Omegns Fiskeriforening” ( instead. The club plays an important role in the work done to restore the Danish salmon population in the small local river and despite the successful salmon fishing club members have experienced for the last couple of years the club is still welcoming new members with open arms. When Peter and a couple of friends were visiting the river the weekend before Easter the new membership paid off almost right away. Peters was using the new Edge Dynamic 10’ 10-40 g rod, a Viva V7 LTX reel, RIO Powerbraid and an old favorite Rooster Tail spinner when a salmon took the lure after fishing for an hour or so. After a short but hectic fight Peter was able to pose with a beautiful 7.25 kg and 88 cm spring salmon.

The rest of the weekend didn’t result in more bites and after a shocking start Peter was reminded that Danish Salmon fishing is still hard work if you want to be successful.
Since this catch only a handful of salmon have been reported from the river. Due to the hot spring weather the water level has been constantly dropping, and a bit of rain would certainly be helpful for the salmon run.
If you have reports on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report:

Westin Jätte is unbeatable – 17 pikes in 5 hours

When it comes to trolling for big pikes trolling for big pikes Westin Jätte is one of the very best lures to use. Judging from the report we received from Robin Lindberg, we believe this point of view is shared by the guys from the Swedish Team Ace Of Pikes from the Örebro area:
 “A few days ago my friend Viktor and I decided to go pike fishing in a new lake. Rumors were telling of both numerous pikes and really big ones, so our choice was to use small line mounted sideplaners and some large pikelures/wobblers. Since the lake is quite shallow our wobblers were mounted only half a meter behind the sideplaners and these were fished 15-20 m from the boat.
In calm, sunny weather we started fishing. The plan was to use several rods, but only two lines were out, when the first pike attacked. Since then it was pretty much nonstop action with more than 20 pikes caught and 5 lost in just 5 hours. The biggest ones measured 9.5 kg - 110 cm, 6.7 kg - 97 cm and 6.6 kg – length unknown. 17 of the pikes were caught on Westin Jätte in the color “Natural Pike”

PS: The three biggest were – of course – caught on Westin Jätte. Another proof of how unbeatable these lures are ”
The “Natural Pike” color Robin and Viktor was using is one of the classic colors that seem work everywhere. Another hot color this year is “Red Hot Black” – an old color having a great comeback. Exactly this color has been extremely popular in the area south of Stockholm in Sweden. The explanation is simple: Two of Sweden’s most skilled and experienced fishing guides – the brothers Robert and Ronny Andén – found out it worked really well. For a couple of years they have been repainting several lures back to this color. This year they don’t have to worry…
If you have reports on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report:

Five over three kilos - lots of big seatrout’s on new Magic Minnow lure

It is not very common to release a beautiful three kilos seatrout in prime condition, but it is the only right thing to do, when you already have plenty of big fish on the shore. This was exactly what happened to Kinetic test-team member David Thormar a week ago, as he was testing the new Magic Minnow lure “D360”
– a lure that will be introduced later on this year.
D360 proved to be perfect for big seatrouts on this day, when David was fishing the Baltic coast in south eastern Denmark. The wind was strong and the waves where getting bigger and bigger, as David was fishing a part of the beach where several other anglers were trying their luck as well. This day David and the new Magic Minnow D360 were in a league of their own as David hooked into one big fish after the other. Several big fish were kept including fish weighing 3.2 and 4.8 kilos while others were released. In total he hooked into 9 fish and only one of them were lost. Unfortunately it was the biggest one – a huge fish around 7 kilos lost close to the landingnet. The 4.8 kilos fish was caught only a few casts later and it looked small! Out of the total catch five of the trout’s were perfect conditioned silvery fish over three kilos.

We will not show you a photo of the lure, yet… and a photo of the biggest 4.8 kilos fish will have to do for now. David is working on a couple of stories for the Danish magazine “Fisk & Fri” and you will be able to read more details on the catch in a coming issue.

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More Silver

The product developer at Fairpoint Outdoors, Elias Narvelo has been fishing on the Danish and Swedish coast for the last two weeks. By combining pleasure with work he had some good trips in both countries using Edge 3776 Spin 10’ 7-30 g. On shallow water he uses Mini Goby 8,5 g in the color “Confused Winter” and Sømmet 28 g “Sinking Wedding” in the deeper spots. In the clear and cold water it’s a hard work, but hard work pays off. Two smaller silver Seatrouts on 2 kg was caught in Sweden and Denmark and a top fish on 3,6 kg from the Baltic coast in south eastern Denmark. The trouts were “nailed” on a sample of
the new Eagle Claw Lazer Trokar hook. 

3,6 kg
Seatrout from
the south east
part of Denmark.

Salmon trolling is red hot

Right now trolling for salmon in the South Western part of the Baltic Sea is as good as it gets. Torben Christensen from Kinetic was hoping to take part of the action, when he took his boat “Sjakalen” down to the waters between Denmark and the German island Rügen on Friday, April 15th. The weather was perfect with calm seas and sunshine, and it didn’t take long before Torben had a chance to put some of our different trollingrods to a test.
Four salmon and a seatrout were caught. The biggest salmon was a hard fighting monster weighing 13.6 kilos and measuring 110 centimeters.
It took a 300 feet run straight away and offered all the salmon action Torben was hoping for.

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Huge 40 lbs salmon caught on Hardy flyrod

April 1st the Danish salmon fishing season started in the rivers Skjern Å, Varde Å, Storåen and several other smaller Danish salmon rivers. Like always early season salmon fishing is not easy and you have to work hard to catch a fish, but if you succeed it can be the fish of a lifetime.

Kurt Johannesen is one of the local anglers flyfishing for salmon at the small river Storåen. On the 2nd of April he was at the river fishing with two of his freinds and his son Pauli. Kurt was fishing with his Hardy Swift Mk II 14´ double handed rod and his Hardy Cascapedia Mk II reel. In our humble opinion this is one of the greatest set ups you can use while flyfishing for big salmon and it soon proved to be able to handle a really huge salmon. As Kurt was fishing a spot where he lost a big salmon last year he suddenly had a solid take. Soon after the sound of his Cascapedia was heard from far away as the salmon took a solid run 100 meters upstreams. For a while it stopped, and then continued another 40 meters. Kurt had to run for the fish and during the next 20 minutes he managed to keep it at a close distance.

Kurt’s son Pauli was ready to assist in landing the huge salmon, and as soon as he had the chance, the fish was dragged onto the bank. It turned out to be a massive fish measuring 125 centimeters and 18.2 kilos – a little more than 40 pounds. So far it is the biggest flycaught salmon in Denmark this year.

As mentioned earlier Kurt was using his Hardy rod &reel. The line was a fast sinking integrated shootinghead and the fly was a “Sjønnes Uldsok” tubefly – a variant of the well-known Swedish fly “Ullsocken”.

For those practicing catch & release it is worth mentioning that salmon fishing in this small river is managed by a catch limit on a small number of salmon each year. Kurt and his friends are some of the people who have been working hard through the years to reestablish the salmon population. If anyone deserves to bring home a big salmon he’s the one…

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This year’s first cod over 30 kg – and Lots of big fish on Giant Jighead and Red Ed

At Nordic Sea Anglings camp at Sørøya in Norway this year’s hunt for giant cod started last friday when the when the wind finally calmed down. Kinetic test team member Jakob Lindberg is one of Scandinavia’s most experienced sea anglers, and he was there with a couple of friends fishing for four days.
 They were using Giant Jigheads and they also had a few samples of the new Magic Minnow Red Ed. Every day these jigs produced big fish over 25 kg. The biggest cod was caught on a Giant Jighead during their third day of fishing. Mads Sylvester Jensen was the one shouting out his excitement after catching a new personal best that took the scale to amazing 30.8 kg!
Jakob himself was a bit more humble and took a 25.2 kg cod as his best on this trip. This fish and a lot of other giant cods were actually released after their size had been determined by using a weigh sling. Jakob explains that it is important not to reel in the big fish to fast and to let them decompress below the boat. This way more than 90% of the cods can be returned unharmed and only a few fish are handed over to local fishermen.
Mads Sylvester Jensen holding his 30.8 kilo cod caught
on Giant Jighead

By the way: We have had a lot of requests on the new sea fishing jigs from Magic Minnow – Red Ed, Flat Matt and Scarry Jerry. They will be available in Sweden, Norway and Finland during April.

As mentioned a few samples of the new Red Ed Jigs are currently being used at Sørøya. Jakob and his friends caught 12 cods over 20 kilos and several of these were on Red Ed. Sørøya Guide Ulf Hugsén tried a Red Ed (Blue Glamour color) and lost a very big fish when the line broke. He tied on a Rose Fish color instead and caught three fish from 15 to 22.6 kilos in no time. Right now Torben Christensen from Kinetic and the camp record owner Filip Faurholm are fishing up there and have just caught a 23 kilo cod on Red Ed.

Halibut Fishing in Norway

This extremely strong 33 kilo halibut was caught during spring 2010, when fishing from Nordic Sea Anglings camp in Sørøya, Northern Norway. It was caught in mid water on a 450 g Magic Minnow Giant Jighead. During the fight it went all the way from the surface and 60 meters down to the bottom twice!
Magic Minnow Giant Jighead is the lead free Scandinavian version of the original Giant Jighead designed and developed by sportsfishingjournalist and seafishing expert Volker Dapoz for big Norwegian halibut and other heavy-weight species. This system has accounted for the latest 2010 world record Atlantic halibut as well as record size cods up to 39.4 kg!



Insane Sea Trout Fishing

When the ice break up and melts or drift away from the small fjords in Denmark sea trout fishing can be nothing less than insane. Right now it seems like the winter is losing its grip and during the next couple of days, strong winds and higher temperatures will make the ice disappear. Be ready when it happens.
During the beginning of February the ice broke and many fjords were open for a week or so. Peter Kirkby from Kinetic was at the right place at the right time, when it happened. The trout’s went crazy and during a hectic day of trout fishing he caught 20 trout’s. The biggest were a couple beautiful silver-plated trout’s around 1.5 -2.0 kilos.

The two best lures of the day was a 14 g
Magic Minnow Goby in the new 2011 color “Pattegrisen” (Sucking Pig) and a small 8.3 g
Mini Goby in a transparent brown color.

Seatrouts with a top fish

The product developer at Fairpoint Outdoors, Elias Narvelo was out trolling with Fredrik Nilsson from Team Anticimex a few weeks ago. The hope and confidence were on top since Fredrik before experienced good fishing and caught the cruel and impressive seatrout of 10 kg!

In February before Oresund was closed because of the ice, they caught 3 nice seatrouts with a top fish on 5,1 kg. The two smaller ones won their freedom and could return back for some more herring.

Ice fishing in Finland – Another nice pike for Mikey

































Last weekend of January Kinetic test team member Mikael Sarelin went for big pikes from the ice. Here’s his report:

“At this time of the year the pike fishing is typically not great in numbers, but the size of the fish can often be quite nice. This was the case this Sunday as well, when my friend Jani and I went fishing. During the whole day we only got two fish, but the size was more than OK with the smaller one weighing about 4 kilos and the bigger one measuring 9,5kg/110cm. It's getting lighter day by day now and in a month or so the fish will become more active as the ice fishing season is about to peak”.


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Freshwater cod

burbot (Lota lota) is the only member of the cod order living in freshwater and in some parts of Scandinavia ice fishing for burbot is quite popular. During this winter Anders Dahlen, Jimmy Nordling and Kent Svensson from Sweden have been busy using their Kinetic Rauma rods for some burbot fishing. The biggest fish so far was caught by Anders who managed to land a 4.890 kg fish. Jimmy and Kent also caught some nice fish with the two biggest weighing 4.1kg and 4.24 kg.



Anders Dahlen caught this nice 4.89 kg burbot.


XXL size salmon and trout from Oresund

The last couple of days some really big fish have been caught while trolling in Oresund – the small strait between Denmark and Sweden. It started last Friday, January 21st, when Frederik Lundblad from Kinetic was accompanied by Mårten Dahlqvist from the tackle shop Sportfiskedepån in Helsingborg. On board they had the new
Goodspeed G2 trollingrods and all reels were loaded with the new RIO Powerflex Braid. The test of this new setup turned out to be as good as it gets…

Fredrik was steering the boat as the rod next to him flexed. This rod was rigged with a Dipsy Diver in front of an original Apex in silver/blue. While handing the rod to Mårten there was no doubt that a big fish had attacked the lure. As Mårten took over, the fish went for an insane run ripping more than 300 feet of line from the reel. At one point the fish crossed in between the other lines, but Fredrik and Mårten managed to keep the lines from getting tangled and soon after they could land the hard fighting beauty.
It turned out to be a sensational salmon measuring 100 cm
and 10.7 kg.
During the same day Fredrik and Mårten also caught a 3.6 kg seatrout and an amazing amount of cod – more than 50 cods in the range from 1/2 to 6 kg were caught.
Two days later Fredrik was back on Oresund in company with another friend, Tommy Nordström. Once again they managed to land a big fish – a 5.0 kg and 71 cm seatrout.

Mårten Dahlqvist (left) and Fredrik Lundblad (right) showing a 10.7 kg salmon and a 3.6 kg trout.

At the same time a boat with three other friends – Fredrik Nilsson, Anders Olofsson and Robert Dargrik were fishing a little bit north of Fredrik and Tommy. They hooked into an even bigger seatrout and soon after Fredrik Nilsson could pose in front of the camera as he was holding an impressive 10.0 kg and 89 cm seatrout.
This fish was caught on a conventional trolling spoon behind
a Dipsy.
Later on the three friends also caught a 3.9 kg trout on a lure trolled in 45 feet of water. Even the most hardcore anglers
would consider a trout of this size to be a great catch, but compared to a 10 kg trout it somehow didn’t look that big…

This impressive 10.0 kg seatrout from Oresund
was caught by Fredrik Nilsson.

Icefishing advice

In most of Scandinavia the icefishing season is on. The latest report is from our Test Team member Mikael Sarelin:

“Here in the Finnish archipelago the icefishing season is on as well. Yesterday I spent my first day on the ice for this season and we had a good day even if it was nothing close to the Swedish guys (Jonas Olsson & Co.), featured on the Kinetic website. Still we caught some fish and the biggest one was a beautiful pike measuring 8.5 kg/105cm”.

And now when we are talking icefishing, two of the most experienced pike-fishing guides in Scandinavia – the brothers Ronny and Robert Andén – have a word of advice for everyone hunting for big pikes from the ice.

Their big concern is if people know how to handle the fish and know when to avoid icefishing. In cold weather the eyes of a pike are easy to harm – they simply freeze. In low temperatures and in windy conditions, it will only take a short time out of the water before the eyes are harmed, so take care and avoid fishing in these conditions – or avoid lifting the fish out of the water. In calm conditions and temperatures around zero degrees Celsius there’s a far better chance of releasing a pike unharmed, Still you have to be fast and careful.


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Two days of Pike Bonanza

During the last weekend of November Kinetic Test Team member Frederik Hansen went boat fishing in Denmark with live bait for some big pikes. The weather forecast wasn’t exactly promising. Snowy weather and freezing temperatures during the morning and evening were the conditions Frederik and his friend Tommy had to face. But with a little help from warm boots, gloves and flotation suits nothing could stop them.

The fishing turned out to be far better than expected. During the day a total of 22 pikes were caught. Most of them were small, but Frederik had a great opportunity to test his Edge
rod, when he hooked into a huge pike. 10.4 kg was the weight of this fantastic fish.

The next day they had to make their way through a thin layer
of ice before reaching open water. Again it proved to be worth the effort. During the day they caught 15 pikes in total and once again Frederik proved to be mister “big fish” when a big pike attacked his bottom bounced live roach rig. Soon after, he was posing together with a 10.9 kg pike.

It didn’t take long before another roach was mounted on the rig. And it didn’t take long before another pike was attacking.
This fish proved to be 9.7 kg. What a way to end a perfect pike bonanza weekend!


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Scandinavian Pikefishing - Autumn



In autumn when there's a lot of small baitfish around pike fishing can be quite hectic - if you find the right lures. We were using the brand new Mini Jerk from Westin as well as classic, silver colored, Scandinavian pikefishing spoons like the Magic Minnow lure "Utö". So hang on for a lot of Scandinavian pike and predator action!


Westin Mini Swim
- New appetizers for the big ones...

The trend in Scandinavian pikefishing is towards more fun and lighter tackle. The new suspending Mini Swim is easy to cast and fish on a normal spinning rod as well as a light jerkbait set-up. At a size of 100 mm and 32 g it doesn't spook big, vary pikes and you can also try jerking or "cast and retrieve" for perch, seatrout and many others species.
This lure offers perfect castability. You can use it at a steady, fast retrieve in warmer water or at a slow retrieve in cold water. You can also try occasional spin stops and Westin Mini Jerk can even be fished by twitching it or using small, gentle jerk movements.

Westin Mini Swim
• 32 g / 100 mm     • 15 different colors      • Lead free     • Material: ABS Plastic
• Hook: VMC 9649 BN     • Suspending - running depth: 0-0.5 m     • Full wire-through-body construction