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Sea anglers all over Scandinavia are exited and enchanted by the Magic Minnow Seafishing lures. Field-testing of new products is done by professional sea fishing guides as well as our Kinetic test team. Time and time again these guys prove the magic of these lures by catching an impressive number of huge Atlantic halibuts, monster size cods and other record size fishes swimming in the North Sea. The Test Team results were not exaggerating and soon after the introduction a record size 39.4 kilo cod was caught on a Magic Minnow Giant Jighead!

The range of Magic Minnow Sea Fishing products represent rigs and lures proven deadly to the biggest species in the waters surrounding Scandinavia. In our range of products you will find the latest in lifelike jig-design and the rigs you need to get a lot of heavy-duty action out there on the ocean.
Magic Minnow - Quality sea fishing lures!

  Slim Jim


Crazy Daisy


Big Bob

Flat Matt


Red Ed

Red Ed


Scarry Jerry

   Giant Jighead

Giant Shad

Giant Baithead

Halibut Anti Twist Rig