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Ole Jørgensen Design

Tackle designer Ole Jørgensen is based in Bogense, Denmark and is well known for the unique design and handcrafted quality used on his luxury fishing tools like nets, gaffs and wading staffs.
Ole started designing and producing fishing tackle back in 1986, as the Boss lure (now part of the kinetic Magic Minnow range) was intended to be part of a graduation project. In many anglers opinion this lure scored an A+ and has been a favorite ever since.
Later on – in 1990 – he started designing and producing luxury fishing tools. They soon became popular and as with everything Ole produces they were considered as “state of the art”.
If you are looking for something special there’s no better place to start than taking a closer look at the handcrafted nets, priests, gaffs and wading staffs made in Denmark by Ole Jørgensen.

  Ole Jørgensen Net

Ole Jørgensen Mini Gaff

Ole Jørgensen Priest

Ole Jørgensen Wading Staf