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Kinetic icefishing is a range of reliable icefishing rods, reels, lures and accessories. The range of products has been developed to cover most aspects of Scandinavian icefishing, and you will find everything you need for an enjoyable day out there on the snow- and ice covered lakes.
Every year during early spring – when the char fishing peaks in northern Scandinavia – you will meet some of the most skilled angler out there on the ice. You can be sure that a lot of them are using some of our stuff to catch those tricky char.
The story is more or less the same when perch fishing starts soon after the ice has settled in the middle parts of Scandinavia. Not only will you find our icefishing tackle out there but also a lot of other quality Kinetic products like flotationsuits, garments and so on…

  Icefishing Rods



  Lokka Tele

  Lokka Fixed

  Lokka Solid Fixed

  Lokka Smart

Icefishing Reels

  Solitude 2000

  Waterspeed Multi

Devilfish Icefishing Reel                                                                        Juva R-DLX

Lokka RTX                   Lokka Lmt.

Icefishing Combo

Icefishing Combo

    IFC Abborre Pro 1

    IFC Abborre Pro 2


   Alaska DLX



  Polaris DLX

       Icefishing lines

       Ice Mono Clear                                                                                  Ice Mono Fluo Orange

  Icefishing Lures

  Vertical Jigger



  Eldorado Clapper

  Eldorado 2Blink


  Titicaca Clapper

  Titicaca 2Blink

  Titicaca Slim 2Blink

  Titicaca Snäk

     Icefishing Accessories

   Väsk-Skrylla 2G                                                                               Pimpel Hold-All 2G

Ice Spoon                                                                                          Epoxy Single and Double Light

   Safety Ice Spikes w. whistle                                                            Rod Holder - Ice