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Viva Fishing Reels

Viva Fishing Tackle Industry Co., Ltd was founded in January 2000. The company owners and management had a background involving years of experience within the car manufacturing industry. Together they have put all their knowledge and skills into making a state of the art factory.
As the world entered the new millennium, Viva was to set new standards for the manufacturing of fishing reels. Leading reel engineers from Taiwan and Korea were teamed up with an experienced staff from the car manufacturing industry. In the new high tech factory they were installed along with the latest machinery and from day one Viva fishing reels were made using cutting-edge technology, and involving the very best in development, design, performance and quality.
As Viva keeps expanding there’s a constant focus on using the latest technology, newest machinery and a strict quality inspection including every single part used in a fishing reel.
Thousands of Scandinavian anglers – as well as anglers worldwide – already know and appreciate the quality of Viva fishing reels. We hope you will as well, and that’s why we offer a unique 10 years warranty!

   V7 LTX

 Aesthetic AA

Salty HA Counter & Salty HA

Kinetic Fishing Reels

  Devilfish Reel RD

Devilfish Reel FD

   Devilfish Reel UL FD

   Devilfish Trolling 20C

   Devilfish Trolling 30